Funding for GWS Students

GWS provides funding opportunities and awards for GWS graduate and undergraduate students. GWS celebrates the work of all our students. We select students winners without regard to their immigration status. 
Please email Deana Lewis ( with any questions about the opportunities.
NOTE: The applications are google forms. You might have to sign into your UIC google account to fill them out.

GWS Undergraduate Student Funding Opportunities

GWS Undergraduate Student Award
This merit-based $250 prize is awarded annually to one outstanding GWS Major or Minor. Applicants must demonstrate academic excellence and a commitment to feminist activism on campus and/or in the community. To be eligible, students must have completed (or currently be completing) the requirements for the Major or Minor in Gender and Women's Studies and must have a grade point average of 2.5 or higher. 

GWS Undergraduate Student Prize Application
Deadline: April 18, 2018

Mary B. Bialas Scholarship in Honor of Margaret (Daisy) Davies
This $500 scholarship is awarded annually to a Gender and Women’s Studies major or minor or an undergraduate student who has taken GWS classes.  Applicants should have demonstrated a commitment to women and/or children’s issues and actively worked to improve the lives of women and children. 

Mary B. Bialas Scholarship Application
Deadline: April 18, 2018

Graduate Student Funding Opportunities

In order to qualify for the Graduate Awards listed below you must be an established GWS Graduate Concentrator. If you are not currently a Graduate Concentrator please fill out the following application:
GWS Grad Concentrator Application

If you are currently a GWS Graduate Concentrator, please fill out the following end of year survey so that the program can assist you in meeting your academic goals!
GWS Grad Concentrator survey

Esther O. Kegan Travel Assistance Program
GWS provides a limited amount of assistance, not to exceed $250.00 each, for graduate concentrators and program majors to travel to and participate in feminist conference spaces including, but not limited to National Women’s Studies Association, Berkshire Conference of Women Historians, and Sociologists for Women in Society. The assistance is to support students who will be presenting papers, posters, or creative work at the conference they attend. It also can be used to support student travel for research, including, but not limited to, trips to archives, transcription of data, or other research related activities. The award is supported by the Esther O. Kegan Fund. Awards are limited to one per student in any academic year.

To apply, we ask that you... an existing GWS grad concentrator who has taken at least one of the core courses (GWS 501 or 502)
...have completed the requirements for the GWS Graduate Concentration. 
... be a GWS major or minor or SJ minor who has taken the required core courses and is presenting research at a conference
Application link: GWS Kegan Travel Assistance Program
Deadline: For conferences in the spring semester, we will send out another notification.
Please email Deana Lewis ( with any questions or concerns.
GWS Departmental Graduate Student Award
The Gender and Women’s Studies Graduate Prize is awarded annually to one outstanding GWS graduate concentrator in recognition of the student’s commitment to interdisciplinary scholarship in Gender and Women's Studies. The winner will receive a certificate of recognition, a monetary award of $500, and notice among the University’s award winners
To apply, we ask that you be an existing GWS grad concentrator who has taken at least one of the core courses (GWS 501 or 502).
Applications have closed for this year.  Please check back in March 2019.

GWS Tuition Waiver + $1000 Grant
Gender and Women's Studies has 1 tuition waiver to award for the 2018-19 academic year! We are adding a $1000 finishing grant to help you with your research. First priority will go to GWS Grad Concentrators who are doctoral students, but all GWS Grad Concentrators are encouraged to apply!
To apply,
- be in your last year (or 2) of study,
- be an existing GWS grad concentrator who has taken both core courses (GWS 501 and 502), and
- not have funding that includes a tuition waiver or have been offered a tuition waiver already.

Applications have closed for this year.  Please check back in March 2019.