GWS Graduate Concentration


About the GWS Graduate Concentration

At all levels, Gender and Women’s Studies encourages students to critically examine the complex intersections of gender, sexual identity, race, class, ethnicity, and ability.  A graduate concentration in GWS provides students the opportunity to work with faculty across a variety of disciplines including African American Studies, Asian American Studies, Criminology, Law and Justice, Disability and Human Development, English, History, Latin American and Latino Studies, and Social Justice. This gives students a unique opportunity to bring a truly interdisciplinary framework to their scholarship and research endeavors.

GWS graduate concentrators find themselves among a diverse cohort of emerging scholars. GWS students work together as colleagues to create an academic community that tackles questions and dilemmas through myriad research methods. As a GWS concentrator, students are provided opportunities to collaborate with one another, including monthly brown bag discussions of students’ original research, guest lecturer events, and program sponsored special events. GWS also provides support to advanced graduate students when they begin the process of applying for jobs.

Becoming a GWS Graduate Concentrator

Please click on the link below and fill out the application.  We will review the application and get back to you with more information. If you have any questions, please contact Professor Lynette Jackson, Director of Graduate Studies at


Course Requirements

The Gender and Women's Studies Concentration requires four (4) courses:
   Semester Hours
GWS 501: Feminist Theory (typically offered in the Fall) 
 GWS 502: Feminist Methodologies (typically offered in the Spring)  4
 2 GWS graduate-level courses* 8
 Total Semester Hours  16
*Courses which are not cross-listed with GWS may be petitioned for use as electives. Up to 4 hours of independent study or thesis research may also be used.  

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