"Gender and Women's Studies is an interdisciplinary major that teaches students to think critically and to analyze our world and the political and social structures surrounding us. GWS students learn not only about gender and sexuality issues, but also about race and class, diversity and multiculturalism, cultural, political, and social issues that we can apply to all aspects of our lives and occupations. Students develop important analytical, research, writing, communication, leadership, and organizational skills, and there is no limit to what you can do with a GWS major."
- Liz Vituli GWS/IPS Major, Class of 2007

Declaring a Minor in Gender and Women's Studies

Please contact Allison James, Academic Advisor for AAST, English, GWS, and LALS to declare your minor.
602 S Morgan St., 309 UH
Chicago, IL 60607
Phone: 312-996-3366


About the GWS Minor


GWS Minor Requirements

Students from other disciplines who wish to minor in Gender and Women’s Studies must complete 18 semester hours distributed as follows.

Required Course Semester Hours
GWS 101: Gender in Everyday Life 3
GWS 102: Global Perspectives on Women and Gender 3
GWS 292: History and Theories of Feminism 3
GWS 390: Feminism and Social Change 3

Two additional courses in GWS at the 200 level or above are required.
Total hours: 18

Please note: 

-GWS 292 is a Writing-in-the-Discipline course. 
-No more than 3 hours of GWS 396 may be applied to the minor.

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