GWS Course Offerings



GWS 101. Gender in Everyday Life.

GWS 102. Global Perspectives on Women and Gender.

GWS 292. History and Theories of Feminism.

GWS 390. Feminism and Social Change.


SJ 101. Introduction to Social Justice: Stories and Struggles.

SJ 201. Theories and Practices of Social Justice.

SJ 301. Social Justice Capstone.

Social Justice Breadth Courses


GWS 501. Feminist Theories.

GWS 502. Feminist Knowledge Production.


GWS 202. Comparative Social Movements.

GWS 203. Sexuality and Community: Lesbians, Gay Men and Contemporary Society.

GWS 204. Gender and Popular Culture.

GWS 262. Constructions of Gender, Race, Health, and Human Rights.

GWS 362. Queer Theory.


GWS 110. Economics of Gender.

GWS 111. Women and Literature.

GWS 117. Introduction to Gender, Sexuality and Literature.

GWS 120. Study of Gender, Class, and Political Issues in German Texts.

GWS 192. From the Convent to the Streets: Latin American Women Writers in Translation.

GWS 194. Introductory Topics in Gender and Women's Studies.

GWS 205. Disability, Race, Class and Gender.

GWS 211. Gender and Sexual Orientation in Greek and Roman Literature.

GWS 214. Sex and Gender in World Cultures.

GWS 224. Gender and Society.

GWS 232. Sex Roles: Moral and Political Issues.

GWS 238. Biology of Women.

GWS 240. Music, Gender and Culture.

GWS 244. Women in Russian Literature.

GWS 252. Sexuality in America: Historical Perspectives.

GWS 259. Women and Gender in American History.

GWS 261. Reading Black Women Writing.

GWS 263. Asian American Gender and Sexual Diversity.

GWS 272. Race, Gender, and Sexuality.

GWS 275. Gender in Latin America.

GWS 276. Latinas in the United States.

GWS 290. Topics in the Study of Sexuality.

GWS 304. Gender and Communcation.

GWS 311. Gender and Sexuality in Early Christianity and Judaism.

GWS 315. Psychology of Women and Gender.

GWS 356. Constitutional Law: Women, Gender and Privacy.

GWS 361. Gender Theory.

GWS 363. Gender and Sexuality in Literature.

GWS 394. Intermediate Topics in Gender and Women's Studies.

GWS 396. Independent Study/Research.

GWS 403. Culture and Sexuality: Cultural History of Same-Sex Relations.

GWS 404. Disability, Sexuality, and Health.

GWS 406. Politics of Race, Gender and Class.

GWS 413. French Feminist and Gender Theory.

GWS 419. Public Health Aspects of Sexuality and Women's Health.

GWS 424. Gender, Crime, and Justice.

GWS 425. Sociology of Gender.

GWS 428. Asian/Asian American Women in the Global Economy.

GWS 438. Women in South Asian History.

GWS 439. Gender and Cultural Production.

GWS 440. Language and Gender.

GWS 443. Topics in Gender, Sexuality and Literature.

GWS 444. Topics in Theories of Gender and Sexuality.

GWS 450. Women and Mental Health Nursing.

GWS 458. Asian America and Transnational Feminism.

GWS 462. AIDS, Politics and Culture.

GWS 463. Politics of Gender and Sexuality in Asian America.

GWS 469. Women's Literary Traditions.

GWS 472. Women and Film.

GWS 478. Women in Chinese History.

GWS 484. Topics in the History of Women.

GWS 485. Gender and Politics.

GWS 490. Advanced Topics in the Study of Sexuality.

GWS 494. Advanced Topics in Gender and Women's Studies.

GWS 496. Independent Study.

GWS 514. Gender Issues in Cross-Cultural Perspectives.

GWS 515. Psychology of Women and Gender.

GWS 521. Violence Against Women.

GWS 523. Gender and Space.

GWS 525. Social Work with Women.

GWS 547. Race, Class, and Gender Dimensions of Crime and Justice.

GWS 563. Politics of Gender, Sexuality and Education.

GWS 583. Women in Education.

GWS 594. Special Topics in Gender and Women's Studies.

GWS 596. Independent Study.