GWS Graduate Student Speaker Series

The GWS Graduate Student Speaker Series (formerly known as the  GWS Brown Bag Series) organizing committee is seeking volunteers to present their work during the Spring 2018 semester.

The GWS Graduate Student Speaker Series offers students the chance to present their work/work-in-progress to faculty and students from across the disciplines and receive feedback.  We seek students who are doing work related to women's, gender studies. We are implementing a new programmatic structure to attract a wider audience, that will bring graduate students into dialogue with a faculty member/community organizer. We will also be hosting these events in the evenings, rather than the more traditional 12 noon. Please consider presenting your work.

The GWS GSSS is a great opportunity to:

* get feedback on a conference paper, before the conference

* get feedback from outside of your main discipline

* work out arguments or ideas for a dissertation chapter or conference paper

* apply an interdisciplinary lens to your scholarship

If you are interested in presenting in the fall or the spring, please send a tentative title, brief abstract of your work and preferred presentation date to Aja Reynolds at

Past Participants

  • Macon Reed, Studio Art, "Camp Out: An Intersection of Collaborative Education, Farming, and Art"
  • Amy Brainer, Sociology, "Where Are All the Parents of Femme Lesbians?: What Missing Subjects Teach Us About Sex, Gender, and Family in Taiwan" 
  • Paige Sweet, Sociology, "A Real Health Issue: Domestic Violence Medical Advocacy and the Negotiaton of Biomedical Boundaries"
  • Jenny Korn, Communications, "Obfuscating Privacy and Getting Laid: A Feminist Critique of Facebook"
  • Serena Washington, Art History, "Who Wears the Pants?: Depictions of Women in Trousers, 1910-1925" 
  • Aimee Wodda, Criminology,. "To Do Justice to the Delinquent Girl: A THird Wave Feminist Assessment of Genderered Practices in the Juvenile Justice System from the Maternalist to the Contemporary Era" 
  • Rannie Sigurvinsdottir, Psychology, "Survivors of Sexual Assault: Understanding Post-Assault Adjustment Differences by Sexual Orientation"
  • Deana Lewis, Education Policy Studies, "Gendered and Raced Discourse in High School Classrooms."
  • Allison Bertke-Downey, History, "Building a Foundation for Every American Family: The Family Assistance Plan and Conservative Welfare Rhetoric in the 1970's"
  • Charles Perry, History, "'Beauty Is Its Own Justification': Kris Studios, the Homoerotic Image, and the Construction of Sexual Community in the 1950s,"
  • Ash Kini, English, “Reshooting History: Gender and the Critique of Nationalism in Shyam Benegal's 'Bhumika'"
  • Cara Smulevitz, Art History, “‘I'm a Lover, Not a Fighter’: Michael Jackson's Performance of Masculinity”
  • Zachary Blair, Anthropology, "Junk in the Trunk: A Queer Exploration of Truck Nutz as Contemporary Material Culture"
  • Neslihan Sen and Elizabeth T. Abrams, Anthropology, “Labiaplasty and the construction of the ‘normal’”
  • Catherine Jacquet, History, "The intersections of sex, class, and race in the 1975 Joan Little rape-murder trial"
  • Lara Kelland, History, "Crafting herstory: the use of collective memory in the US second-wave feminist movement"