Past GWS Events

GWS Graduate Student Brownbag: Ashley M. Volion

  • Dates: 20 – 20 Apr, 2016
  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Street Address: University Hall, room 1250
Ashley M. Volion, MA

PhD Candidate, Department of Disability and Human Development

Uniquely intimate: Using access intimacy to explore intimacy between disabled people

Intimacy is an integral part of the human experience. Recently, a new form of intimacy was introduced by blogger and Social Justice Activist Mia        Mingus called, “Access Intimacy” Mingus (2011) defined this form of            intimacy as “an “elusive, hard to describe feeling when someone else “gets” your access needs” and a sense of “comfort that your [entire] disabled self feels”. Yet, there is a lack of academic literature on whether or not access intimacy exists between disabled people. Therefore, this study seeks to     explore the questions: how is intimacy unique between disabled people, and also how are these intimate moments produced? In this presentation, I will give a brief overview of how intimacy has been historically studied and       defined in academia. Secondly, I will propose an expanded definition of access intimacy. While, proposing a grounded theory research design to explore the questions above.


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Snacks will be provided. Participants are  encouraged to bring their own lunch.