Email Address

Córdova, Teresa
Director, Great Cities Institute CUPPA Hall
Decoteau, Claire Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies 4112D BSB
Eaton, Anne Associate Professor 1417 UH
Frohmann, Lisa Associate Professor, Department of Criminal Justice 4022A BSB
Garcia, Lorena Associate Professor, LALS and Sociology 4140C BSB
Guevarra, Anna Associate Professor & Director, Asian American Studies 1030 UH
Lee, Lisa Director, School of Art and Art History 106 Jefferson Hall
Richie, Beth Professor of African American Studies, Gender and Women's Studies, Criminology, Law and Justice, and Sociology & Director, Institute for Research on Race and Public Policy 1201 UH
Risman, Barbara Professor and Head, Sociology 4112E BSB
Quinn, Therese Director, MUSE & School of Art and Art History 206 Henry Hall