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Kegan Travel Award Winners

About Rachael Wachera Wanjagua (2023) Heading link

Building Towards Feminist Futures tote bag. Image created by GWS alum Monica Trinidad. Screenprinting completed by Hoofprint Workshop.

Rachael Wachera Wanjagua is a PhD candidate in Disability Studies who was trained as a physiotherapist in Kenya and South Africa. Since 2006, Rachael has worked in rural communities of Kenya, providing the only available and much needed physiotherapy services to children, conducting trainings for mothers to understand disability, and developing holistic community care networks to support families of children with disabilities. This award will support Rachael’s ongoing transformative work, specifically research in Kenya, where Rachael is “training two people with intellectual disabilities to conduct research on their support needs and those of their caregivers.”

About Sravanthi Dasari (2022) Heading link

A person with long brown hair in a red top stands on the sidewalk with buildings behind them.

I am grateful to be given this award which will help me with domestic travel in India towards my fieldwork. My work looks at intimacies within the space of social movements. I will be locating it in Telangana, India and would need to travel to various parts of the state of Telangana. I appreciate the support very much!

About Ritu Ghosh (2022) Heading link

A person with long black hair in a black shirt stands in front of a city skyline.

I am delighted to receive this award! I plan to use the award funds for fieldwork I will conduct this summer towards my research project on surrogacy, legality, and corporeality in India.

About Helen Rottier (2022) Heading link

In this selfie, a person with glasses in a dark cheetah-print shirt sits on a couch in front of a wall.

The Kegan Travel Award allows me to apply what I have learned in my GWS concentration classes, especially Queer and Feminist Social Movements, and my research on academic oppression and inequity to radically reimagine education systems free from oppression with my comrades at NWSA. I’m looking forward to these critical conversations and connections that will generate further abolitionist and prefigurative political engagement at UIC and beyond!

About Krysten Stein (2022) Heading link

In this selfie, a person with long brown hair and glasses in a red and white striped shirt sits on a couch in front of a wall.

The Kegan Travel Award will allow me to present two ongoing research projects at the international level — one looking at diversity and visibility for queer and trans content creators and the other examining the gendered televisual of reality television therapy. As a first generation student and a third year PhD student, the award will help me reach one of my goals to present at an international conference.

Earlier Awardees Heading link

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2017-2018 Katharine McCabe, La Tasha Pollard, Marla McMackin, Meloddye Carpio Rios, Sara Rezvi
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