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Professors Barbara Ransby and Angela Davis Publish #StopCopCity Op-Ed in Truthout

Atlanta’s Attack on Cop City Protesters Should Be a Warning to Us All

Gender & Women's Studies Professor Barbara Ransby and Dr. Angela Davis co-authored an important and timely op-ed in Truthout about the ongoing struggle to prevent the construction of a militarized police training facility in Atlanta, GA, that will cost approximately $90 million and destroy 85 acres of the Weelaunee Forest.

Throughout the op-ed, Ransby and Davis examine how the fight to #StopCopCity reflects intersecting oppressions and interconnected struggles. They argue, "With corporations like Amazon, Wells Fargo and Delta backing the Atlanta Police Foundation's development of this project the direct link between the police state and encroaching environmental degradation becomes obvious."

Ransby and Davis also situate the severe government repression protestors in Atlanta are facing within a larger historical context and explain how the struggle in Atlanta is relevant for all liberation movements. As they write, "The movement for the abolition of police and prisons, as well as the urgent and growing movement for environmental justice, are two key pillars of a collective vision for a more hopeful, egalitarian future."

Read the full op-ed here.