Welcome to Gender and Women's Studies

The Gender and Women's Studies Program at University of Illinois at Chicago is an interdisciplinary unit dedicated to investigating the relationships between gender (including transgender), sexuality, feminism, and social justice.

GWS insists that gender and sexuality must be understood through their intersections with race, class, age, nation, citizenship, and ability. We conceptualize how these interconnected categories inform and structure social life, culture, politics, social movements and knowledge production.

GWS sees a sustained engagement with local, national and transnational communities as central to our research and teaching/work at UIC.

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It's compiled and maintained by Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Oregon State University, based on and inspired by Rhet Map http://rhetmap.org in order to fill a need for job seekers with undergraduate and master's degrees in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies.


Jobs Map for WGSS Majors and Master’s Students 2018-2019

Jobs for WGSS Majors and Master’s Students Downloadable Spreadsheet

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